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This company is registered in England. 2009.

Please note; most artists working in Pureink  premises are self employed regular guest artists.

Pureink studios offer a Newer and Higher Standard to the tattoo industry and its clientele. With our comfortable atmosphere and our kind and experienced staffing. we are eager to point you in the right direction towards achieving the tattoo of your desires. The artists specialize in all ranges and styles of tattooing.Whatever you are looking for, we can handle! We also specialize in custom designing. We use only the best. From equipment, to up-to-date health practices.Not only a quality tattoo, but a better experience. ..... We look forward to meeting you.

PUREINK  is  a  registered trade mark, class 44.

This company was selected  and Awarded Best Three in Newcastle in its category 2018, 2019, & 2020

(Tattoo/Piercing Shops) 

Best Tattoo shops in Newcastle upon Tyne